With 66 hectares spread over the best slopes of the AOC Arbois, Côtes du Jura, l'Étoile and Château-Chalon, our estate is the second largest independent winegrower in the Jura.



Our vineyard of Montesserin is located west of Arbois. It covers 10.93 hectares via different plots and surrounds a grove to extend to our winery. On its calcareous marl and clay-silt soils, we find all the Jurassian grape varieties. The top of the hillock allows us to observe the formations of the substratum, in this case the limestones of the middle Jurassic, strongly tectonized, crushed and offering varied slopes. The grapes of Montesserin produce among others our Arbois ouillés white and red wines.


En Chagnon

The place called "En Chagnon" is located north of the village of Montigny-les-Arsures. Composed of different parcels covering 7.86ha, it offers a real mosaic of soils: Bajocian limestone, grey marl from the Lias, silty sediments and iridescent marl from the Keuper! Chardonnay flourishes particularly on the upper slopes and is used in the vinification of our crémants.

En Levrin

The parcel "en Levrin" is located north of Montigny-les-Arsures. The soil is made up of grey marl from the Lias and covers an area of 4.43 hectares. The Trousseau that it offers us are particularly qualitative. They structure wonderfully our Arbois Trousseau vintage.

En Gaillard

We own 2.8ha in this area in the north-east of Montigny-lès-Arsures, a terroir of grey marl from the Lias par excellence. "En Gaillard" is a parcel where the Savagnin expresses all its fullness, notably through our Arbois Blanc Savagnin ouillé vintage.


En Novalet

The vineyard slope 'En Novalet' has a full southern exposure. Grey marl from the Lias is the substratum, itself covered by a surface layer of silty scree with a high concentration of pentacrines (small fossils of marine corals). Our Chardonnay parcel covers 3.4ha and produces straight, mineral wines with a high salinity.


Le Vernois

Our parcels are mainly located on hillsides near the village of Vernois, in one piece and covering 18.3ha.

They benefit from exposures going from the South to the West, by including various places-dits like: La "Croix du Gyps", "A Molveau", the "Dent de Charnet" or "Les Grands Quartiers". It is a real amphitheater leaning against the neighboring limestone hillsides.

It is composed of iridescent Keuper marl at the bottom of the hillside, the mid-slope is characterized by black laminated marl and sandstone banks. The top of the slope is marked by grey marls of the Lias.

It is thanks to this diversity that we produce the majority of our white wines under the veil of the AOC Côtes-du-Jura, but also our parcel cuvée "Dent de Charnet" where the Chardonnay expresses itself in roundness and freshness.


Puits St Pierre

Backing onto the village of Château-Chalon, the hillside of "Puits St Pierre" faces due south and is located at the foot of the village. It is characterized by a very steep slope that can reach 45%!

At the top of the slope where our 0.35 hectare plot is located, the limestone is very present, it gives all its minerality to our Savagnin which produces exclusively our Château-Chalon cuvée, the grey marls are deeper, they rarely come out.