Our Team

24 people work every day to reveal and offer you the richness of our terroirs, divided between the vineyards, the cellar, the shipments, the tasting room and the administration.




Vineyard team

Louis MOREL (vineyard manager), Bernard DEPIERRE, Daniel DACLIN, Sylvie GUERRIER, Danièle JEANNIN, Amuthan KANAGASABAI, Amir KHADAR KEL, Ahmad NIAZI, Raphaël SIRE, Sylvie TIBERGHIEN et Mickaël ZINGLE.

Cellar Team

Chloé WEBER (Winemaker), Fanny PONCET, Renaud STACH.

Shipments Team

Ferréoline MARAUX, Charlyne GALLY et Nora BANOS BISMAN.

Sales and accounting Team

Mariska OLIVIER, Élisa ALLALENE et Corinne MAURICE

Tasting Cellar Team

Célia DELAVELLE, Carmen MACLE et Sarah-Laure VUILLAUME

A passionate, involved and meticulous team since 1987.