• Known as Païen in Switzerland or Naturé, it takes its name from "Savanum", which is close to the word sauvage.
  • Originally from the Austrian Tyrol, it belongs to the Traminer family like Gewurztraminer.
  • Its medium-sized leaves are upright, round or 3-lobed.
  • It has a thick skin and is not very susceptible to disease.
  • It represents 20% of the Jura grape varieties, just over 300ha.
  • It is at its best when planted on grey marl.
  • It produces our Vin Jaune when aged under veil, after a minimum of 6 years and 3 months. It also produces dry, vin de paille, Macvin and sparkling white wines.
  • It is found in all AOC terroirs and products, as well as in Alsace, Switzerland and elsewhere.