Crémant du Jura : An expressive sparkling

Crémant is by nature a wine of the family of sparkling wines, the PDO of this wine is recognized since 1995 in Jura. However, this drink did not wait for this date to be known in the region, and its elaboration technique has long been mastered.

"Grey wine, Champagne style"

Indeed, this wine has been awarded several medals in important competitions, for example in the election of the best wine of the agricultural competition of Paris. To know the origin of this savoir-faire, we must go back to 1734. A winegrower from Poligny, named Chevalier, describes in detail the recipe by which he obtains "grey wine, like Champagne wine". From the beginning of the 17th century, the production of sparkling wine is in full expansion. Later on, the success of Champagne in the capital, and then internationally, led to the improvement of the elaboration techniques.

"Privileged cuvées"

The Rolet family worked hard for the recognition of the appellation, and made its crémants into privileged cuvées. Thus, for the second millennium, the heart of Chardonnay, vintage, and its so particular bottle were especially revealed. Faced with its success, our domain continues its production during the great vintages. Now we continue this tradition with the launch of our 2018 Blanc de Noirs.

The appellation Crémant du Jura covers the whole vineyard of Jura. Technical conditions must also be respected to obtain an optimal typicity. Indeed, for a good setting of foam, for the white crémants, the volume resulting from the grape varieties chardonnay, pinot noir and trousseau is higher or equal to 70 % of the vintage. For rosé crémants, the volume of black grape varieties is greater than or equal to 50% of the cuvée.

"A complex aromatic palette"

The grapes must be harvested by hand. The grapes are picked in whole bunches in non-airtight boxes. Then, they go through a very soft and progressive pressing in order to preserve all the aromatic potential.

Finally, they undergo a first classical fermentation and a second one in the bottle to ensure a nice foam. A slow ageing on laths which can reach 36 months or more is necessary to obtain a complex aromatic palette.

"Fresh and gourmets aromas"

Dry, our 4 crémants, blended or vintage, all have fine bubbles and a harmonious palate. With their fresh and gourmet notes, red fruits and a citrus finish, they can be enjoyed alone or with others, adapting to all your desires.