Le Pinot Noir

  • Also known as Savagnin Noir or Noirien of Burgundy in Jura. 
  • According to some historical sources, it was already present in the vineyards during the conquest of Gaul, and is originally from Burgundy.
  • Its leaves are lightly indented and medium-sized.
  • It is a fragile variety, sensitive to disease, especially mildew.
  • It represents 13% of all Jura grape varieties (260ha).
  • It likes clay-limestone soils, but also thrives on our Jurassic marls.
  • It produces complex, velvety red wines with more structure than Trousseau or Poulsard.
  • It is used in AOP Arbois, Côtes du Jura, Macvin and Crémant du Jura.
  • It is found almost everywhere in the world, but more often in northern vineyards.